John R. Dilworth - Courage The Cowardly Dog John R. Dilworth John R. Dilworth - Courage The Cowardly Dog
Michael Helms
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Above: John R Dilworth one of my all time favorites!

I have so many DA and Flickr friends to thank--
this is an incomplete list, please be patient!

This is my temporary links/credit page. 

I have something much fancier planned. Each artist will have their own segment, photo, bios etc! And it'll be animated!

I don't yet have even a 10th of the links listed so if you don't see your link here, please be patient!

Nico Van de Weghe
Damn it All to Hell web site
Tom Richmond's Ink Tutorial

Want to learn how to design & draw cartoons?

Tom Richmond has an outstanding 'Ink' tutorial

and John Kricfalusi is probably the best animation instructor you could ask for.

....and it's free!

We are still working hard to open Fookleyur's new site.

Many fantastic artists have contributed work.

It'll be worth the wait!

For updates please visit my blog.

Fooky's new site coming soon